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CIDC Event Mumbai 2022

CIDC Event Mumbai

12th August 2022

The Kelvin Plastic Pvt. Ltd. team attended & Sub-Sponsored the 10th task Force meeting “National Database” (CIDC – Construction Industry Database) & Brand connect, held at Mumbai on 12th Aug 2022 for providing support and services to industry for efficient utilization of resources including products, services, capital, manpower, etc.
We got the opportunity to connect to some dignitaries from the construction industry and got to learn a lot from them.
Thanks to the CIDC team for giving us the opportunity full of knowledge and networking.
Look forward to participate in more such events in the near future.
Our Director Mr. Kelvin Dadhania was interviewed by the CIDC team and given the chance to share his experiences.
CIDC Event Mumbai

"Captured Movements at CIDC Event Event Mumbai "

CIDC Event Mumbai