Kelvin Plastic Pvt Ltd

Annual General Meeting
& Extra Ordinary General Meeting (KPPL)

8 - 10 April 2022

J3N 5271 min

Annual General Meeting

We at Kelvin Plastic Pvt. Ltd. are glad to have organized the grandest and most spectacular event at Annual General Meet (Rajkot ’22) on 8 – 10 April 2022. We will be showcasing our complete range of pipes and fittings products that are manufactured considering world-class materials. 

We are thankful to the Hon’ble speaker (Mr. Darshan Mehta) and hosts (Mr. Kelvin Dadhania) and (Mr. Tushar Vyas) of this Annual General Meeting for all the memories and moments made with all the folks!!
All the team members of KPPL (Kelvin Plastic Pvt. Ltd.) felt the energy and vibes in this wonderful meet.



J3N 4586

Mesmerizing Moments At Annual General Meeting 2022

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